How Pet Training and Socialization Lead to Good Dog Behaviour

Even people with little to no experience with dogs can recognize the qualities of a “good dog.” They rarely bark or jump up on people, stay off of the furniture, and remember when it’s time to go outside for their bathroom needs. Likewise, “good dogs” don’t run away, chase after wildlife, and do not attack […]


How to Recognize a Pet Emergency

If you believe that you have a pet emergency then contact Animal Health Partners – Emergency Veterinary Services immediately. Sometimes a small symptom can appear to be an emergency to pet owners. That is why it is important to understand how to recognize a pet emergency. There are obvious signs that demonstrate whether a pet emergency is […]


7 Tips for Handling a Pet Emergency

HANDLING A PET EMERGENCY When a pet emergency arises it is vital that you know how to handle the situation. With our emergency veterinary services – Animal Health Partners, we have a list of 7 tips for handling a pet emergency to help you next time a pet crisis occurs. Don’t Panic The first tip comes […]


5 Most Common Pet Emergencies

As trusted providers of emergency veterinary services in Toronto, Ontario, we often come across many common pet emergencies. While it can be a daunting and scary time for owners, who may not understand what is wrong with their pets, we have the knowledge to reassure and provide your pet with the immediate and necessary care. Here […]