Our Core Values

Quality: At the root of all we do is a commitment to the highest quality of veterinary care. This means that the diagnostic tests and treatments we provide are based on the best available scientific evidence and implemented by the most highly qualified specialists and staff.

Compassion: We understand that the experience of illness and injury can be painful and scary for pets and their family. We strive to reduce discomfort as much as possible using fear-free handling techniques, appropriate pain-management, stress-reducing design features, non-invasive interventions, and a continuous emphasis on empathetic patient-centered care.

Service: Intrinsic to our goal of providing the highest quality of medicine is providing efficient, courteous, attentive, and responsive service to families and referring veterinarians that have entrusted us with the care of their pets and patients.

Innovation: Medicine is rapidly evolving and we strive to contribute to the scientific field through our research platform. Our technologically advanced institution is equipped to utilize some of the most advanced imaging and technological modalities available in veterinary medicine with the goal of improving the quality of care for all patients.

Partnership: High-quality care and optimal patient outcomes rely not on any one individual but on the strength of the connections between many. Ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients means creating solid partnerships with their family and referring veterinarians. It also means establishing relationships more broadly with the community, the human medical field, and within the industry.

Veterinary Care Team Overview

  • A board-certified veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who has undergone an undergraduate degree, doctorate degree (DVM), as well as advanced training involving internships (1-3 years) and residency (3-4 years) in their respective specialty
  • In some cases, further sub-specialization may occur after residency through a fellowship (2 years)
  • This includes specialists in:
    • Anesthesia, Cardiology, Dentistry, Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Radiology, Surgery, Surgical Oncology, or Oncology
  • An emergency veterinarian is a highly-skilled veterinarian who has a special interest in emergency medicine and focuses their professional activities and continued education on this area of medicine
  • Emergency veterinarians are highly-skilled in triage and emergent management of animal patients
  • You may meet a general rotating or specialty intern at our hospital
  • General Rotating Intern
    • A licensed veterinarian who is in a highly advanced and intense year of training by assisting with the management and treatment of patients in a hospital setting
    • Rotating interns rotate through all available services at our hospital
  • Specialty Intern
    • A licensed veterinarian who is in a highly advanced as well as highly specialized year of training and assists with the management and treatment of patients in a specific department or field of interest
  • Graduates of the veterinary technician program
  • Provides advanced nursing care to your pet in their respective department of interest
  • May have undergone advanced training and certification in their department of interest
  • Animal Care Attendants provide care to your pet throughout the hospital
  • Work alongside RVTs to provide safe handling and care
  • Pivotal in maintenance of clean and dry cages/runs for our patients in the hospital
  • Provide feedings and walks to our patients
  • Provide customer care at all hours (CSR)
  • Assist with the coordination of referral appointments, referral documents, prescription refills and other tasks to ensure a pleasant and efficient experience for you and your pet