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Client Testimonial – Joanne and Snickers French


Sore Paw Pads on Dogs

Temperatures outside are turning and it looks like summer is coming to an end. Despite the colder temperatures, we find ourselves trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with our dogs and this month we will discuss a common ailment – sore pads on a dog’s paws. Symptoms…


A Primer on Pet First Aid and CPR

To be a truly awesome pet owner, all you need is love, right? Without a doubt, warmth and tenderness are essential parts of the puzzle. But to be a responsible pet owner, an understanding of what to do in a pet emergency is crucial. Acquiring items for a pet first…

Dog Park Etiquette and Safety Tips

In theory, dog parks seem like a nearly perfect place for pet training and socialization. Dogs can run off-leash while enjoying each other’s company and come home tired and happy – all while you’ve been relaxing and skipping the daily walk. Sounds like a great plan, but with so many dogs…