Toronto Animal Health Partners Announce Canada’s First ‘Human Care’ Approach to Veterinary Medicine

Toronto May 15, 2019 Canada’s newest and highly sophisticated 24/7 veterinary emergency and specialty hospital announced its official opening today, offering pet owners access to the top cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment modalities available in veterinary medicine.

Lead by a team of highly qualified veterinary specialists, The Toronto Animal Health Partners Emergency and Specialty Hospital is bringing the world’s best practices of private human healthcare to veterinarian care.

“Everything we do is rooted in our core values – to provide the highest quality medicine, service and care”, says Scott Woodrow, CEO and founder of Animal Health Partners. “We view ourselves as a pediatric hospital for pets.  We provide around-the-clock healthcare using innovation, technology and our network of veterinary and human clinical partners so we can offer pet owners the type of full service care only available at the world’s top human hospitals.

“We have the same, if not higher, level of medical equipment found in sophisticated human hospitals, such as our 3 Tesla MRI and 7D Image Guided Surgery platform,” adds Woodrow. “Our capabilities allow for a peer-based approach with human medicine – enabling us to share our knowledge and experience for providing the best healthcare outcomes for our patients.”

Pet owners, like parents, are fraught with emotion and anxiety over their sick or injured loved one.  To obtain a timely, accurate diagnosis, calm empathetic communication, coupled with on-site high quality clinical capabilities provide confidence and comfort.

 Pet owners forge deep emotional bonds with their pets – viewing them as members of the family”, says Woodrow. “Knowing this inspired us to think differently when designing our service model and physical infrastructure. Everything has been specifically designed to minimize the anxiety and fears of pet owners and patients and provide the best possible health outcome.”


The technical proficiency and medical equipment at Animal Health Partners equals or exceeds that found in sophisticated human hospitals. (CNW Group/Toronto Animal Health Partners Emergency and Specialty Hospital)

Industry Facts:

  • From 2016 to 2018, Canada’s dog population continued to grow, according to the Canadian Animal Health Institute. There were 8.3 million cats considered household pets in 2018 and 8.2 million dogs, up from 7.6 million dogs in 2016
  • According to a nation-wide survey by Kynetec of more than 3,026 pet-owning households in Canada, pet owners were more likely to identify animal well-being as concerns in 2018 than affordability of veterinary services
  • Pet ownership is becoming big with millennials, who consider themselves pet parents, not pet owners. They are more willing to spend on their pets on average, even though they have less discretionary income than Baby Boomers
  • Pets are living longer as owners are focussing more on preventative care, advances in veterinary medicine and nutrition. As a result, because of age-related ailments, owners of older pets are requiring services beyond routine care. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

About Animal Health Partners

Established in 2015 with the guidance of University Health Network, Animal Health Partners is a leader in integrated veterinary medicine, uniting the best minds in healthcare for better outcomes for pets.  Located centrally in the Greater Toronto Area at the nexus of the 404/DVP/401 area, open 24/7 with onsite emergency and critical care.



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