Medical Imaging

Imaging Modalities Available at Toronto Animal Health Partners in North York

Our hospital offers multiple imaging modalities to provide advanced diagnostics for your pet. Our specialists submit the images for interpretation by a remote board-certified radiologist.

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  • The Siemens 3T Magnetom Skyra offers advanced MRI scanning
  • An ultra-high coil element density delivers exceptional image quality and clarity for diagnosing disease


  • The Siemens SOMATOM go.Up® 32-slice CT scanner offers leading-edge technology that enables the visualization and resolution needed for rapid diagnoses and advanced procedures

Digital Radiography (X-Ray)

  • The Sound DR combines intelligent image processing with high-quality diagnostic images and less radiation exposure for pets


  • The GE Echocardiogram has high-quality imaging that supports our cardiology service to accurately assess cardiac function, simultaneously assess electrical conduction of the heart and aids in rapid diagnosis of common cardiac conditions


  • Our Olympus Endoscopy equipment offers high-resolution images and videos that assist in making more accurate early diagnoses and more effective minimally invasive therapeutic interventions


  • The GE Fluoroscopy is equipped with noise reduction technology and a comprehensive post-processing and visualization suite for highly detailed imaging and medical intervention


  • Our GE Ultrasound equipment enables us to evaluate internal organs and provides visualization to guide accurate sampling of these tissues